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21 Oct 2018.

Clemson coaches brought their sense of humor to the sideline.

Clemson does not mind flashing the jewels in its crown while its ACC.

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20 Oct 2018.

Clemson trolled N.C. State with a laptop picture on a play-call sign.

questioned the purpose of a mysterious laptop on Clemson's sideline in a 2017 Raleigh showdown between the.

of Clemson's communications/social media team uploading photos, videos and creative content.

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10 Oct 2018.

When Tommy Bowden resigned in mid-October 2008, Dabo Swinney.

the Clemson team that was supposed to win the Tigers' first ACC title.

“If I'm the reason we're not having success, I need to remove myself.

dabo-swinney- clemson-sideline-bc-2007.jpg.

Swinney had brought along his notebook.

27 Dec 2018.

CLEMSON, S.C. — Back then, Dabo Swinney was another assistant coach waiting to be fired.

Swinney grabs a notebook and pen and heads toward the athletic.

team, making him jog back to midfield and then jog to the sideline.

at Virginia Tech: his 238 wins, his five ACC Coastal and four ACC titles.

Clemson Coach Plays Sideline Cop20 Oct 2018.

Tigers dominate in every facet, rendering an unbeaten foe a piece of.

“That was the thing I was most pleased with today, the players were.

even if they're both in an ACC that just tilted toward Clemson again.

2017 matchup about a diabolical laptop on the Clemson sideline that turned out to be benign.

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5 Aug 2018.

Skip to main content. Clemson's Dabo Swinney to NC State's Dave Doeren: Buildings don't.

North Carolina State football coach Dave Doeren said at ACC Kickoff in July.

accusing Clemson of using an illegal laptop on its sideline in 2017.

While it may not be the sole reason for the program's success,