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in under 100 words’ class=’alignleft’>In a simple words, blockchain is a immutable database or continuously growing record, called blocks.

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19 Jun 2019.

Blockchain? This has something to do with Bitcoin! Although the technology is more than a decade old, there has been no conclusive definition.

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15 Jun 2018.

For example, let's say Mr Pink is selling two of his coins to Mr Green for $100. The record lists the details, including a digital signature from each.

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22 Mar 2019.


the crypto-currency Bitcoin. But do you know how Blockchain really works? We' ll explain it to you – in under 100 words: https://deloi.tt/2FrUJfg.

19 Mar 2019.

Thediagram belowillustrates the concept further: Blockchain uses the same concept of public-key cryptography. Suppose Alice wants to sell her.

27 Feb 2019.

In other words; it is the part of the blockchain protocol that describes who gets to validate blocks of.

The Hyperledger initiative has over 100 members, including enterprises like IBM,

The picture below illustrates a merkle tree.

How does blockchain work in 7 steps — A clear and simple explanation.