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T.J. Leaf’s third NBA season hasn’t gone how he, or the Indiana Pacers, hoped it would. Leaf never established himself during.

29/05/2018  · To help test drive the future, in 2016 Ford paid about $50 million to acquire Chariot, a startup mobility service. Incubated at Y Combinator, the venture was aimed squarely at.

Synonyms for forward-thinking include advanced, avant-garde, cutting-edge, forward-looking, progressive, radical, revolutionary, modern, enlightened and go-ahead. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

Dimitar Berbatov has been in Harry Kane’s shoes and he thinks the Tottenham forward will be weighing up whether to leave.

25 Apr 2014.

Forward thinking is preparing to not only avoid pitfalls and failure, but to also.

It's important to get teams thinking ahead to invest in the future.

02/05/2016  · Future Forward Thinking Cultures Lead To Extraordinary Results. May 2, 2016 By Jeff Hurt Leave a Comment This is part four of a series on being more future focused in our planning. See part one here, part two here and part three here. So how do we develop, foster and leverage future focused leadership? How do we encourage our committees, volunteers, staff.

Forward-thinking definition is – thinking about and planning for the future : forward-looking. How to use forward-thinking in a sentence.

Katy Perry is ‘very excited’ to have a drink again when she’s had her baby. The American Idol judge is expecting her first.

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As the world’s urban population continues to increase, Mark Abbas, Director of Business Development of cloud technology.

07/04/2014  · 7. Set aside time for forward thinking. My never-ending daily task list can distract me from putting focus on forward thinking. I know I.

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Forward-thinking definition, planning or tending to plan for the future; forward- looking. See more.

Greenpeace Executive Director, Dr Russel Norman, says with the budget dubbed "Rebuilding Together", the Government must look at the recovery with a long-term lens. "We’ve heard a lot about so-called.

As we look to the future, we recognize the novel coronavirus will continue to change the fabric.

We encourage citizens,

But there is an added wrinkle for organizations whose operations are globally dispersed: Cultural orientation toward the future varies widely the world over. My .

Thinking Forward For Your Future Self: Establishing Your i+1 | Diamond Wilson | TEDxPlanoForward-thinking synonyms and Forward-thinking antonyms. Top synonym for forward-thinking (another word for forward-thinking) is.

think about the future.

4 Jan 2016.

Forward thinking is more than a generic phrase. Here are specific tactics to help companies capitalize on future trends.

Forward-thinking companies do just that. They think ahead. They think about the future. They plan. And an essential part of that plan means working out exactly who are the future stars of your business. And that has never been more important for the chemical industry.

Forward-thinking definition is – thinking about and planning for the future : forward -looking. How to use forward-thinking in a sentence.