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Your device with your apps — all in one place. The Connect IQ Store is where you can download free apps, such as Uber and SmartThings, for more.

Garmin’s excellent Vivoactive 4 fitness tracker offers insights about your breathing, sleep, and stress, motivating training.

People who love hiking, trail running and the great outdoors need a reliable GPS watch, which can offer top navigation.

Garmin Connect IQ™ Store App // Personalize your Garmin DevicesGarmin connect IQ maakt het mogelijk om wijzerplaten (watchfaces), datavelvelden en apps te ontwikkelen voor nieuwe Garmin toestellen. Momenteel de.

Tigress Financial analyst Ivan Feinseth reiterated a Buy rating on Garmin (GRMN) today. The company’s shares closed last.


20 april 2018.

Met Garmin Connect IQ 3.0 en updates van de Connect IQ-apps krijgen je sporthorloge, wearable en fietscomputer er opeens veel meer opties.

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If you’re a Strava user, you have one of the most feature-packed and motivating fitness platforms at your fingertips. Packed.

Explore and download apps to personalize your Garmin with Connect IQ, our open platform for third-party developer apps.

Download en probeer apps om uw Garmin te personaliseren met Connect IQ, ons open platform voor apps van externe ontwikkelaars.