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How To Send And Receive Bitcoin With CoinbaseUsing Bitcoin for Backpage listings. Bitcoin n00b wanting to buy in order to post paid ads on Backpage. Top result I found was Paxful, so I signed up for an account and got a wallet. I didn’t wanna dick around with gift cards and whatever, just wanted to use Visa credit card to buy Bitcoin. Tried to do 2 x trades so far; in both cases I sent info the seller required (selfie with cc and the.

CoinSpot multicoin wallets are free to use and have no transaction fees for sending or receiving digital currency. Australia Financing. Login Register Login with Facebook. Bitcoins for Backpage Not evaluated yet Evaluate Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000 Contact us. About Us; How to get; Photos; Contact us; BITCOINS FOR BACKPAGE | Sydney | Add to My list Added Companies Products . Search.

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I can’t believe nothing is being done right now. We’ve got a situation where literally hundreds of thousands of people in every city Backpage services, need help acquiring and using bitcoin. There should be posts flooding literally every city of Backpage in the adult section with instructions.


I can confirm the Backpage effect (self.Bitcoin).

only that it was an alternative to credit cards. i quickly explained it’s private and easy to send funds all over the world, and also to use on backpage. 9) i told her also about blockchain.info wallet, since they allow you to have private keys and won’t monitor transactions like coinbase would. 10) she didn’t understand private keys at all.

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12/07/2015  · The solution, for anyone trying to pay Backpage.com, is to get the bitcoins separately and use an actual wallet. Even a mobile or SPV wallet like Electrum will work fine for this purpose. In this scenario, the acquisition of the bitcoins becomes the problem. LocalBitcoins.com will probably be a good way to make this happen. You could buy bitcoins for the long-term usage of the site, for.