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Setting up the rpc.bootparamd server, Diskless NetBSD HOW-TO. The rpc.bootparamd is used to convey some information to diskless clients. NetBSD only uses information regarding the root NFS directory. Most platforms no longer require bootparams, as they now use DHCP to acquire most of their netboot information. In particular, sparc and sparc64 systems can skip ahead to setting up tftpd. Before.

RFC 1112, Host Extensions for IP Multicasting RFC 1144,

To set up a remote logging server, select menu option 1 and Enter. The router will display the following: Remember that you must configure your remote syslog server to accept syslog data from remote systems. Most syslog implementations use ‘-r’ to enable this function. Consult your server documentation or man pages. Enter name or IP.

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